Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good bye to Bad Rubbish....Anthony Weiner!

This guy deserves all the heckling he got in this announcement...he ought to be a registered sex offender!....If New Yorkers every put him in office again they are nuts!!!! and if the wife stays with him, she's nuts!......if CNN or any other media outlet hired him they are nuts......

He was disgraced today and he deserved it...

Weiner Cheered And Heckled At Presser Announcing His Resignation

"I am announcing my resignation from Congress so my colleagues can get back to work, my neighbors can choose a new representative and most importantly that my wife and I can continue to heal from the damage I have caused," Weiner said.

Among the many things yelled at the raucous event was this: "Are you more than 7 inches?" It is speculated that a Howard Stern employee said that. Someone even yelled "bye-bye pervert" at him.

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