Friday, September 9, 2011

Obama's Union Buddy Goons....He'll take their Money and Excuse their Behavior...

Longshoreman assaults media: ‘Get the fuck out of this parking lot right now’

Published: 2:33 PM 09/09/2011 | Updated: 3:25 PM 09/09/2011
By Matthew Boyle - The Daily Caller

“I’m from KGW and I wanted to know if there was anyone here who would want to talk to us about the situation,” a Portland, Ore. television correspondent is seen asking while knocking on the building’s door.

“Actually, if you go down to Miller Avenue, and talk to them dumbasses down there at EGT, they’ll tell you how they’re fucking the Longshoremen around here,” the union member answered from behind the door. “That’s what you can do, so go back to Portland. Bye!”

EGT Development is a contracting company that operates a grain terminal in Longview, Wash., which is at the center of an International Longshore and Warehouse Union work stoppage. The Portland television news crew, from NBC affiliate KGW, proceeded to film papers posted on the building’s exterior wall. That didn’t sit so well with the already clearly upset union member.

On Wednesday in Longview, hundreds of International Longshore and Warehouse Union members, upset over EGT’s decision to hire workers from a different union, stormed the facility and blocked train tracks there, escalating a longstanding labor dispute.

By Thursday, union workers walked off the job at four other Washington ports, including one in Seattle, and a federal judge was warning the ILWU to stand down. The ILWU contends that it did not call for the work stoppage.

“Hey, get your fucking camera out of here, that’s none of your fucking business, you cock bite,” the union member said to the reporter while grabbing his camera. “Unless you want [to be arrested for] trespassing, get the fuck out of here now. Get out of here now! Don’t fuck with me partner!”

A member of the news crew retorted: “You’re not on the PR staff, are you?”

The union member kept threatening the news crew: “You don’t fucking worry about who I’m with. Get the fuck out of here, that’s none of your fucking business, cocksucker. Unless you want trespassing, get out of here.”

A cameraman kept filming the union member, who then approached him and yelled: “You want your fucking camera broke, cocksucker?”

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