Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tell Your Congressmen/women NO!.....Right Now!

Obama asked everyone to write to their Congressmen/women and tell them how you feel about the jobs bill...below is my response...I would urge all of you to do the same...use any of my verbage that you want....

President Obama's "Jobs" Bill - As a constituent I am writing to encourage you NOT to support Obama's Jobs Bill. The price tag on the bill is outrageous and it will not get at the root causes for the jobs crisis we are in today. The problems with jobs is a product of the environment that Obama has created from the runaway debt, to over regulation, to Obamacare, to the anti-business attitude of this President, to the reluctance to explore local energy (oil coal, gas, etc). Republicans have a much better idea and the thought that this corrupt President would try to pressure Congress to pass this bill now(a bill than is not even in writing yet and could wait until Obama got back from his Martha Vineyard vacation) is just absurd. His "pass this bill NOW" rhetoric and we'll figure out how we will pay for it later is the same old, same old Obama from the fact it's really pay for this bill NOW and we'll try to figure out to pay for OVER THE NEXT 10 YEARS!!!...We've left far too much debt already to our kids and grandkids. I also take offense to the fact that this bill is focusedto make Americans even more DEPENDENT...extending unemployment again will only keep unemployment high...and giving money to states/governments for teachers, cops and firefighters is only an attempt for him to pay back his union is his infastructure initiative.

It's time for republicans to tell him NO again!....America is seeing right through this President. We need to offer our ideas and do what we can in the meantime, but the real referendum on the direction of the nation will not come until 2012...and that will go in favor of the Republicans....

We are with you...Stand Tough....Obama's plan will not deliver like the other programs he's initiated that didn't deliver..and even if they did deliver some of the 1.9 million projected jobs a $447 Billion investment is not a good return.

Tell Obama fact tell him Hell No....Right Now!

Obama asked us to tell our legislators how we felt...this is how I feel and how my friends feel.

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