Saturday, September 15, 2012

The more Romney can spread Obama out over more states in play the better chance he has.....Obama's playing a lot more defense than he thought he would be playing.....

And don't believe all the polls....Romney's supporter are far more energized than Obama's are....I think this could be a surprise election....the next big event are the Presidential question that Ryan will kill Bumbling Biden in the VP Debate....

Romney sees opening in Wisconsin

Published September 15, 2012 The Wall Street Journal

For Mitt Romney, good news came Friday with word that President Obama had added a stop to his travel schedule next week. For the first time this election season, Obama will campaign in Wisconsin, a confirmation that the traditionally Democratic state is now in play.

Romney could use more such tactical victories. A series of polls in recent weeks has shown that he is not solidifying support in many of the states he needs to win, leaving him a narrow path to a majority in the Electoral College.

Of nine states that have swung between the parties in recent elections, the Republican presidential nominee holds a clear lead only in one, North Carolina. He trials in the two largest swing states – Florida and Ohio – as well as Virginia, new Wall Street Journal /NBC News/ Marist Poll surveys released Thursday found.

In the face of the recent polling, the Romney campaign is putting forward this strategy: It is returning it focus to the economy, adding money to its ad buys in several battle ground states and eying a breakthrough moment at the debates with Obama next month.

And while Obama leads in many polls, the Romney team is focusing on the mark the president is not hitting: He’s just at 50 percent support in many states or slightly below it.

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