Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The American People are Still Mad as they should be...Barack Obama struggles to capitalize in polls

Recent polls indicate that Americans are STILL angry, mad, and upset about the move toward Socialism, out of control spending, Big Government and the recent passage of the Obamacare Massive Government Takeover of Health-care. (see the Politico Article below) We need to keep folks energized in opposition to these blantant threats to our Freedoms.

My Prediction is that Obama being even more arrogant after the health-care win will be moving quickly to get more of his Socialist/Big Government agenda passed as soon as Congress gets back....It will be Immigration, Financial Reform, and Cap and Trade on his agenda.....then late this year the Deficit Reduction Committee will come back and recommend more taxes and this time on the middle class and he will use that as cover to propose a VAT Tax...or Federal Sales Tax...just like Europe has....and then we can begin to pay $3 for a soda like Europe does.....Beware it's coming!!!

Today in the Wall Street Journal there is article that predicts that the Government will NOT be able to the $1.2 Trillion it says it needs for healthcare out of the additional taxes imposed on the Wealthy...........so the only alternative is go to a VAT Tax/Federal Sales Tax which would impact ALL AMERICANS!

Barack Obama struggles to capitalize in polls - Josh Gerstein - POLITICO.com

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