Friday, March 26, 2010

The Next Big Tax -Charles Krauthammer : The Vat Cometh -

This looks like one of the next steps that Obama will take to me....AND IT'S NOT GOOD!...This article by Charles Krauthammer makes sense to me....It's what Europe has right now and we know that Obama wants to turn the USA into a Western European Socialist Nation. Obama will use his deficit reduction commission looking into the remedies for the deficit as the cover he needs to RAISE TAXES ON EVERYONE by ADDING THIS ADDITION FEDERAL SALES TAX TO EVERYONE'S PLATE. You watch, it's coming...Something has to be done about the debt and the spending he has driven over the past 15 months plus the great expense of the Obamacare Health Care Entitlement he just RAMMED down the throats of the American ....Mark my words...even more tax expense is coming...Don't believe what he says! When we get done there certainly will be a middle class tax increase....

Charles Krauthammer : The Vat Cometh -

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