Saturday, January 21, 2012

This is just more of the SAME OLD RHETORIC...

This is just more of the same old rhetoric....he's had three years to get the economy back on do you like it so far..this will be the THIRD State of the Union address where he will say jobs are a top priority ( but he just stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline )....and no real progress to speak of....more talk about energy, but just yesterday he and his administration approved a $25 Million grant to a green energy company that will create 38 jobs????...After he wasted $500 Million of your taxpayer money on Solydra..... more of this fairness crap...the only thing Obama has really done about fairness is put more folks in the unemployment line and on food stamps...Is that the America you that the fairness you look forward to???

This President is an incompetent FAILURE and there's really nothing he can say on Tuesday night that would make me even begin to believe he could make things better... IT's Time for a REAL CHANGE....Get Rid of Obama in November ...only 292 days til the election...

Obama describes State of the Union address as economic blueprint

Published January 21, 2012| Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Vilified by the Republicans who want his job, President Obama says he will stand before the nation Tuesday night determined to frame the election-year debate on his terms, promising that his State of the Union address will offer an economic blueprint that will "work for everyone, not just a wealthy few."

In a video released Saturday to millions of campaign supporters, Obama said he will concentrate on four areas designed to restore economic security for the long term: manufacturing, energy, education, job training and a "return to American values."

The prime-time speech will be not just about the year ahead, but will try to make Obama's case for a second term.

"We can go in two directions," the president said. "One is toward less opportunity and less fairness. Or we can fight for where I think we need to go: building an economy that works for everyone, not just a wealthy few."

That line of argument about income equality is emerging as a defining theme of the presidential race as Republicans are in their own fierce battle to pick a nominee to challenge Obama in the fall. By notifying the millions of supporters on his email list, Obama gave advance notice to his Democratic base and trying to generate an even larger audience for Tuesday's address.

The president's preview did not mention national security or foreign policy, and he is not expected to announce new initiatives on those front in a speech focusing on the economy.

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