Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama - More Coverups.....More Wasted Taxpayer Money....

Here's Obama covering up the story about his 13 year old daughter going to Mexico with 12 friends on Spring Break taking 25 secret service agents with them...What did this cost us???? Why would Obama let his daughter even go to Mexico after the state dept says it's dangerous...and the big question....WHY>>>WHY>>>>>WHY would the white House cover it up....maybe they know it's a waste of American Tax Payer money and more evidence they are just "livin large" on us....

White House axes stories about Malia's Mexico trip

2 hrs ago

On Monday, several news outlets -- including AFP, The Telegraph and The Huffington Post -- reported that Malia Obama was spring breaking in Mexico with a dozen friends and two dozen Secret Service agents. By Monday afternoon, those posts were replaced with 404 Errors, "File Not Found" placeholders or redirects to a story about Senegalese musician Youssou N'dour.

Conspiracy theories filled the gaps the scrubbed stories left behind, but the White House has now confirmed that they were the reason for the removal. "The White House has asked news outlets not to report on the Obama children when they are not with their parents," Michelle Obama's communications director told Politico. Guess that means we won't be getting a postcard.

The Article BEFORE the White House took the story down!!!...What's Obama covering up...may your wasted taxpayer money...

Obama's daughter spends spring break in Mexico

OAXACA, Mexico - The elder daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama is spending her spring break in the historic Mexican city of Oaxaca in the company of 12 friends, a state police official said.

The young tourists, including 13-year-old Malia Ann Obama, are staying at a downtown hotel in this city famous for its colonial architecture and well-preserved native American traditions, the official said.

"We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites," the police official told AFP under the condition of anonymity.

Malia Obama and her friend are guarded by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents as well as Mexican police, the official noted.

The group, which arrived in Oaxaca Saturday, has already visited the architectural zone of Mitla and the tree of El Tule believed to have one thousand years.

The sightseeing plan also includes visits to Monte Alban known for its archeological research sites and Oaxaca’s famous artisan quarters.

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