Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rush is Stronger than Ever...

Last week, conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh began to utilize Twitter as a means of mobilizing listeners against attacks aimed at him for remarks he made about Georgetown Law student and so-called contraception activist Sandra Fluke.

Limbaugh had previously resisted calls for him to use Twitter. However, in the wake of the Fluke controversy he reversed course and is now promoting his Twitter account by offering new followers the chance to win the recently released version of the iPad.

During his Monday broadcast, the conservative talker previewed a tweet showing the “astroturfing” efforts of self-proclaimed anono-activist “Shoq” and Media Matters operative Angelo Carusone, who was behind the 2010 campaign against former Fox News host Glenn Beck’s advertisers,

“What it is — is basically a website among these people who are Astroturfing advertisers, trying to convince the advertisers that they’re hearing from angry consumers when they’re not,” Limbaugh said. “The advertisers are hearing from coordinated Democratic operatives, under the guise of Media Matters, ThinkProgress and some others.”

“And we will put the proof of this up so you can see how this whole secondary boycott is artificial. It’s fake. It’s phony. It’s been drummed up. And the key to it is, is that they try to make these advertisers all over the country think that angry consumers are emailing them and calling them, when they’re not. They’re Democrat operatives.”

Since Limbaugh started implementing his Twitter strategy by promoting it on his top-rated radio show last week, he has gained nearly 100,000 followers and is set to double his March 14 count by tomorrow.

Rush is stronger than ever....the American People will not be bullied around by the Democrat/communist terrorist actions of these thugs trying to intimidate Rush's advertisers or his affiliate stations.....

He's stronger than ever with a plus 100,000 listeners....

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