Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Obama - Now he's complaining about the NYT and the state run media....

Just Amazing....here's the Obama administration calling the NYT biased....it's the pot calling the kettle black...if the information is in Obama's favor it's fact...if it's not it's either biased, untrue or a lie...

Obama just complaining again because it isn't going his way.....Listen Barack...America has woken up to the truth about YOU!

May 15, 2012 9:44am

Obama campaign: New York Times poll is 'biased'

by Charlie Spiering

Obama campaign deputy manager Stephanie Cutter dismissed today's CBS/New York Times poll showing that 67 percent of people believed Obama made his decision on gay marriage for political reasons. Only 24 percent said that Obama did it “mostly because he thinks it is right.”

Host Chuck Todd asked Cutter about the poll, admitting that the methodology of the poll was different, because it was a callback poll. "Put those caveats aside thats a lot of people saying that he did this for political reasons," Todd said, noting that it was a 3-1 margin.

"We can't put the methodology of that poll aside, because the methodology was significantly biased." Cutter insisted on MSNBC this morning.

When pressed by Todd, Cutter said that she didn't want to bore the viewers with talk of methodology, but repeated that she believed the poll was flawed.

"It's a biased sample, so they re-biased the same sample," she concluded.

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