Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama's "Do Nothing" Democratically Controlled Senate!.....

When Obama gets on the campaign trail and starts complaining about the "do nothing Congress"...remember he's really talking about the "do nothing Democratically Controlled Senate run by 'Dirty' Harry Reid"....No budget for over 1,000 days....a President that hasn't commanded them to propose a budget....the Republican controlled House has put up a budget every year...the system is supposed to work that both put up a budget, they then go into conference compromise and come out with a blended result....

But we all know that the Democrats really do NOT want to compromise on's got to be their way or the highway....

The Bottom Line - A useless Senate....A useless President Obama...

Senate Democrats reject House GOP budget plan

Published May 16, 2012 Associated Press

Democrats controlling the Senate have rejected for the second consecutive year a budget plan passed by House Republicans.

The vote came after a daylong debate Wednesday in which Democrats blasted Republicans for refusing to consider tax increases as part of a solution to trillion-dollar deficits.

Republicans in turn attacked Democrats for not offering a budget at all and said they were ducking the deficit issue to avoid politically difficult votes in advance of the November elections.

Democrats like Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad of North Dakota said last summer's budget agreement with the Obama administration set the budget for next year and that larger questions involving expensive benefit programs would best be dealt with after the election.

Economists warn the swelling debt could swamp the economy and spook the markets.

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