Wednesday, June 27, 2012

These Democrats that are not deciding that it's politically correct NOT to go to the DNC Convention will get killed in the November elections....Americans are not Stupid enough to not see past this....

Flashback: Senators who plan to skip Democratic convention praised Obama in 2008

Published: 4:42 PM 06/26/2012 By Alex Pappas - The Daily Caller

What a difference four years can make.

Democratic Sens. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Jon Tester of Montana — among the most vulnerable Democratic U.S. senators running for re-election — are skipping their party’s national convention in Charlotte this summer, according to their campaigns.

While both lawmakers say they’re missing out on the chance to attend President Barack Obama’s formal re-nomination for president to concentrate on their own re-election campaigns, observers note that it makes sense for them to keep Obama at an arm’s length.

That differs from just four years ago when both attended the 2008 convention in Denver.

“I have seen Barack Obama in the Senate,” McCaskill said at the convention. “I have been by his side campaigning in diners and coffee shops. I know he will bring the change we need in Washington.”

Likewise, Tester appeared on MSNBC from the convention in 2008, bragging in one interview about flying on the same plane as Obama.

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