Friday, July 20, 2012

Democrats Support Women....I don't think so!

So much for the Democrats support of's Nancy Pelosi and "dirty" Harry Reid donating money to a person accused of creating an "intimidating work environment, especially among female employees".....Where's there support for these women...Just more corrupt behavior by liberal Democrats....

Reid's foundation to donate $10,000 to Jaczko legal fund

By DARIUS DIXON | 7/19/12 9:14 PM EDT

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Searchlight Foundation is planning to cut a $10,000 check to help former Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko pay off legal fees he built up over the last year or so during his troubled tenure at the agency.

Karen Wayland, a former energy policy adviser to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi who has been organizing fundraising efforts for Jaczko, told POLITICO on Thursday that Reid’s nonprofit organization contacted her to get instructions on how to make the donation.

The goal for the legal defense fund, Wayland said, is to raise dollars somewhere in “the low six-figure range.” Jaczko’s fundraisers have also purchased a domain name to solicit donations:

The fundraising is meant to help Jaczko with the legal fees he accrued hiring two lawyers to defend his leadership of the agency, where he faced accusations of creating an intimidating work environment, especially among female employees.

Republicans in Congress seized on the accusations to discredit Jaczko's handling of the NRC — and, by extension, to attack Reid, who used to employ Jaczko as an aide. Reid helped push former President George W. Bush to name Jaczko to the commission, where, after President Barack Obama elevated him to chairman, Jaczko helped secure Reid's goal of terminating the agency's work on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada.

Reid established the foundation to pay for improvements in his hometown of Searchlight, Nev., according to past articles in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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