Monday, July 23, 2012

Why ANY Jew would Vote for Obama has me Baffled.....

Why any Jew would vote for Obama has me baffled.....this guy really doesn't give a damn about Israel....he cares more about his Mulsim Brothers than our best ally.

President Obama will visit Israel in second term, says campaign aide

By Justin Sink - 07/23/12 12:11 PM ET

President Obama will travel to Israel if he's elected to a second term, a campaign aide said Monday.

“We can expect him to visit Israel in a second term should he be elected," Colin Kahl, the former deputy assistant secretary of Defense for the Middle East, said on a conference call with reporters.

Obama has been criticized for not visiting the Middle Eastern ally since a trip during the 2008 election. Republican candidate Mitt Romney will visit the country during a trip that will begin later this week, and he plans to meet with Israeli leaders including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Romney has also said, if elected, his first foreign visit would be to Israel.

On Monday, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton blasted the president for not scheduling a trip during his first term.

“Obama has been in office three and a half years, and he has had time to do more fundraisers than any other first-term American president, has probably played more rounds of golf than any other president since Dwight Eisenhower, and yet he has not had time to fit into his busy schedule even one trip to Israel," Bolton told WABC Radio's Aaron Klein.

And Romney has said that his first trip, if elected, would be to Israel.

"If I’m president of the United States, my first trip — my first foreign trip will be to Israel to show the world we care about that country and that region,” Romney said during a GOP debate last year in Washington, D.C.

But Kahl dismissed calls for the president to visit Israel as "basically a distraction."

"Being a friend to Israel, at least in our view, shouldn't be judged purely by a travel itinerary," Kahl added. "The president has been to Israel multiple times, but more than that he's backed up his words with feats."

The Obama aide also pointed out that President George W. Bush didn't visit the country until the final year of his second term and that President Reagan never visited Israel.

"Obviously you didn't hear Republicans complaining then as a result of that travel itinerary," Kahl said. "I don't think this is a really serious policy difference, this is basically a distraction."

Obama's support among Jewish voters has dropped since his election, according to a Gallup poll in June, but he was still besting Romney among that voting bloc.

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