Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Evidence of Obama Corruption....Now He's corrupting our youth in PUBLIC SCHOOLS.....

More evidence of the continuing corruption by the Obama Administration....this organization, Organizing for America is just the next generation ACORN...there is NO place for politics in public schools just like the liberals say there's no place for religion....

Republicans accuse Obama supporters of indoctrinating students

By Todd Starnes Published October 11, 2012

Florida Republicans are outraged over reports that Obama campaign volunteers have been allowed to register hundreds of high school students during school hours -- and in at least one case told teenage girls that Gov. Mitt Romney would take away their birth control pills.

Carol Lee Schmidt, a parent who has a child at Gulf High School in New Port Richey, told Fox News she is still upset that volunteers for Organizing For America were allowed to not only register students, but also talk with them.

“I don’t think politics belongs in the school,” she said. “They should not be pressured into voting for somebody.”

Schmidt said her son was sitting near a group of teenage girls in the lunch room when the Obama supporters told the girls that if Romney was elected they would not be able to get birth control pills -- and they would not be able to get abortions.

“This is ridiculous,” she said. “I had three girls -- and if they were in school -- I would be furious.”

The Pasco County School system did not return calls seeking comment. Earlier this week, a spokesman for the school district confirmed that they were investigating other allegations -- including students being registered by Obama volunteers.

Lenny Curry, the chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, was outraged by the latest accusations.

“If true, parents are right to be disgusted and offended that Barack Obama’s campaign would target their high school daughters under false pretenses and use the issue of birth control to entice them to vote for Obama and Democrat candidates,” Curry said in a statement to Fox News.

There have been reports across the state of school districts opening their doors to Obama supporters -- and denying access to Romney supporters.

Students in Orange County were encouraged to become members of the “Obama Organizing Fellowship." Obama volunteers were dispatched to classrooms where they told students to tell their parents to vote for Obama.

A principal in Tampa was caught inviting students to volunteer for the campaign over the public address system.

But the most egregious accusations have come from Pasco County where Obama volunteers were granted access to as many as a half dozen high schools.

And according to emails obtained by Fox News, at least three Obama volunteers misrepresented themselves as employees of the local election office to gain access.

“It’s absolutely frightening that in some cases they appear to be lying to get into our schools,” Curry said. “While in other cases they are being actively invited in by liberal school officials who want to ram their political views down the throats of our kids.”

Bill Bunting, a state committeeman, is furious.

“They were telling these young ladies -- 18-years-old that if you don’t sign up and you get into trouble and get pregnant, you won’t be able to get an abortion if Romney is president,” he said.

Bunting said he is concerned about what the Obama campaign is trying to do in the local school system.

“These kids are being influenced,” he said. “They’re very impressionable at this age -- and they’re trying to bypass the parents.”

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