Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not Trip to Martha's Vineyard this Year....certainly NOT a SURPRISE!

This is certainly NO SURPRISE....Obama wouldn't want to remind Americans this close to the election how he has grossly wasted taxpayer money for vacations both here and abroad....and of course there is the campaigning.....

But once Americans will see through all this...

President Obama snubbing the Vineyard this summer

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa with Megan Johnson / Inside Track
Thursday, May 10, 2012 -

Unbook the tee times and cancel the cocktail soirees. Because word from the Beltway is that President Obama will not return to Martha’s Vineyard this summer for his annual canoodle with the Beautiful People.

Not that this is exactly shocking news. Because it is, of course, an election year. Which means that instead of playing 18 with deep-pocketed donors, sipping cocktails with Masters of the Universe and shooting hoops on his private court, Barry will be shaking hands and kissing babies with peons in the swing states.

And while the oh-so-swish Vineyard Golf Club and Nancy’s fried fish shack will no doubt be despondent, the Track is positively jumping for joy!

Trust us, there is nothing so dreary as presidential pool duty when the Leader of the Free World is hellbent on not making news and playing as many holes of golf as his long-suffering wife will allow.

Picture this: Sitting for hours in the August heat in a smelly bus with a funky toilet and a couple dozen self-important traveling pool guys while Barry & Co. ravage the fairways. ... Not exactly All The President’s Men.

Of course, with the economy still pretty much in the toilet and unemployment rampant, it would not be good for the prez’s poll numbers for him to be hitting the links at the private club in Edgartown, where initiation fees ran as high as $500G at one time. That would just tee off struggling Americans who will head to the voting booths three months later!

Last summer, as the first family arrived on The Rock, the man who would become the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, took a shot at the presidential vacation plans.

“If I were president today, I wouldn’t be looking to go spend 10 days on Martha’s Vineyard,” the former Mass. gov said. “If you’re the president of the United States, and the nation is in crisis, and we’re in a jobs crisis right now, then you shouldn’t be out vacationing. Instead, you should be focusing on getting the economy going again.”

Also putting the kibosh on the commander-in-chief’s summer vacation is the fact that Blue Heron Farm, the 28-acre West Tisbury compound where the first family holed up for the past two summers, has been sold.

The up-island estate (complete with swimming pool, basketball court and a single-hole golf course with two bunkers) was purchased by the British architect who designed Wembly Stadium. Word is, after ponying up $22 million for the place, he and his family aren’t keen on summer renters.

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