Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Americans are waking up to the horror of Obama..

Poll: Obama popular in voter-rich states but lagging in key battlegrounds

Published August 01, 2012

President Obama enjoys the approval of a majority of residents in 13 voter-rich states but is not faring so well in key presidential battlegrounds, according to a new Gallup poll.

The Gallup poll out Wednesday looked back at approval ratings over the past six months, showing stark differences in how voters across the 50 states view the Obama presidency.

Though Obama clocked in with an approval rating below 50 percent in most states across the country, the 13 states where he was doing well represent about two-thirds of the electoral votes Obama would need to be reelected. Those 13 states include New York, California and Illinois, which he used to represent in the Senate. He also was polling above 50 percent in the District of Columbia.

However, Obama would still need about 90 more electoral votes to win, and the polling showed he wasn't doing as well in the decisive battleground states.

All 12 of the traditional battleground states showed Obama at less than 50 percent approval.
Obama was at 46 percent in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. He was at 43 percent in Colorado, the site of the 2008 convention.

Obama had the lowest approval rating, of 26 percent, in Utah.

The poll of nearly 91,000 adults was taken between January and June of this year. It had a margin of error of 1 percentage point.

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  1. no body is "Waking up". It;s a hard-core fact that "Waking up" is code for "people becoming more racist"!

    President Obama’s lasting legacy has yet to be written but, since we are in the midst of his campaign for a second term we must look at his recent accomplishments and failures through several different lenses. This is a progressive, liberal site…so most of its subscribers and readers will naturally view Obama through a softer lens. Then there is the lens of Sarah Palin’s “lame-stream media,” unobjective and biased (which it’s not). Finally, there is Fox News…the propaganda ministry of the Republican Party and the Far-Right. So Obama’s legacy – as it stands now – is all a matter of perspective and ideological bias.

    Is he Barack “Hussein” Obama, a fire-breathing, radical Muslim socialist? Is he just plain Barack Obama, a moderate pragmatist? Or, is he actually Barry Obama, rather conservative in ideology and governance, as some might claim – due to his willingness to compromise with those further to the right? Or, is he any combination of the above? One thing is certain; he came into office with a huge electoral victory and an impressive popular vote majority. A mandate to govern? Depends on who you ask. He fashioned a broad coalition and ran a very skilful campaign. Governing, however, is not so easy. He accomplished a great deal with the aid of Democratic majorities in Congress. I won’t list them all here. You can read the box score elsewhere. That didn’t last very long, however. With the passing of both Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy, the filibuster became de rigueur in the Senate.

    Never mind that the Bush economic collapse of 2008 was much worse than we first expected (by all accepted economic indexes). Never mind that Bush/Cheney (or was it really Cheney/Bush?) drove the bus into the ditch and started an unnecessary war (Iraq). In came Obama, our new Black Superman to the rescue. How foolish and naïve we were. Economies may crumble overnight (1929 & 2008 being prime examples), but they don’t just bounce right back the next year, two years or even the next decade. They rebound gradually and despite what the Republicans would have us believe, they start from the ground up through good, pragmatic governance…not from wealth at the top, “trickling down.” The real “job creators” are the consumers, demanding goods and services and having the money to spend on them. The stimulus should have been bigger and bolder but it just wasn’t politically fashionable to further increase the National Debt.

    But there is also an America on the right (and the far-right) that is not even “post-racist” and they have now taken over the Republican Party. I’m not saying that the Republican Convention will be a KKK Rally complete with white sheets, pointed hoods and a traditional cross burning. It’s actually more insidious than that. When it’s peopled by convention delegates, some of whom were recently sporting Tea Party Rally signs portraying the president as Hitler or Stalin or a monkey or with a noose around his neck…what other conclusions can we reach that don’t beg or justify such comparisons?

    So now, the Republican Party, once the party of Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, has come to moral bankruptcy and eventual (I hope) ruin. It began economically with the excesses of the Gilded Age, the 1929 Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression, followed by discredited Reaganomics, deregulation and an incompetent Bush.