Friday, August 10, 2012

Are You Proud that we have a President that Can't Tell the Truth.....

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  1. Enough with the "holier than thou' attitude!

    There is so much right wing extremism on the internet lately that it's really hard to take. Currently, you don't see liberals reverting to name-calling or heavily dogmatic partisan rhetoric like that.

    But I think the reason for all of these attacks is because we have a democratic president, therefore the right wing dogmatists are much more visible. You have to admit that when Bush was president, is was the liberals who were doing all the name-calling and demonizing bush with ugly rhetoric.

    So while the outspoken conservatives are currently making themselves look very bad with their ignorant banter, we can't say that it's an essential reflection of the party but moreso because presidents always get attacked and it's the opposite party that the worst is brought out of.

    But to put my personal opinion into the mix, it is disheartening to see the right wing guys pigeon hole money and believe that the entire bipartisan split comes down to fiscal policy and size of government. Liberalism is, in essence, about protecting basic freedoms while the monetary policies are secondary. With this consideration, it is troubling to see the right wing guys calling liberal ideas "stupid".

    It's the same old same old, the right wing has been lieing about anyone or anything they don't agree with for the last 20 years. And all the uneducated riff raff believe it.

    Romney is running ads that aren't entirely accurate about Obamacare.

    you provided no solid evidence supporting her accusations. Rather, you spewed tired, old Republican talking points.

    coming from the party who lied about Obama's birth certificate, his records, his life, his religion, etc.

    it's obvious. what's coming out for all to see is not obama's imaginary marxism, it's your real racism. hatred fro a black man as president!