Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Now the Sucker is Obama....

Obama’s ‘Bank of Washington’ applauded by Solyndra CEO in email

Published: 1:18 PM 08/02/2012 By Neil Munro

Solyndra’s CEO labeled President Barack Obama’s administration “The Bank of Washington.”

Chris Gronet offered the description in an internal email one year before the company collapsed in 2010, costing taxpayers roughly $500 million.

The email was obtained and published by the Republican National Committee.

“The Bank of Washington continues to help us!” he wrote in the October 2009 e-mail, which sketched plans for Solyndra to exploit several additional federal programs and tax-incentives.

“Some names fit,” said Darrell Issa, the GOP chairman of the House Oversight Committee. “Using the name of ‘Bank of Washington’ has a legitimacy that I think will transcend this election,” he said in a Thursday press conference called to highlight the Solyndra email.

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